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Basilio Liverino

The History


"The very history of our family", says Basilio Liverino, 77, and full of ideas and charisma, "leads us to prefer the concrete nature of work to the rhetoric of celebration".
History is referred to a lot on the modern Liverino premises surrounded by Mediterranean pines and dominated by the vulcano Vesuvius, and one feels the need to go back through the years to understand the reality of this hun dred-years-old company and imagine its future. One of the founder`s sons, Vincenzo, introduced the working of cameos and Asian coral imported from Japan.
He started exports (to Switzerland and Germany) also selling to important Italian jewelers, like Bulgari. At the time of his premature death in 1949 (four years hefore his father), the firm got along with fifty workers - both in the firm and from outside.




"At that time we used to work long weeks", recalls Basilio Liverino, "and work ended only at 2 pm Sundays when the last cameo craftsman and the last goldsmith had handed in their pieces, to collect them once more on Monday morning".
Young Basilio took over his father's firm and ran it with his brothers. Collaboration with Giuseppe, Roberto and Vittorio (the first and the latter still active in the sector in Florence and in Torre del Greco) broke up at the beginning of the Seventies.
Basilio continued on his own as he further developed the company, production and markets. Further important cultural initiatives increased the firm prestige.