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Basilio Liverino



la pesca del corallo There are other things which seem impossible to him: for example that someone should hint that coral disappear: or that it will be impossible in Torre del Greco to witness the setting up of a school to learn the working of coral and cameos; or that a "very misunder stood" entreprenneurial spirit will hasten the disintegration of the Torre del Greco production system.
"Only ignorant persons or those acting in bad faith," he claims," maintain that the collection of coral has damaged the marine environment: it's enough to know how ingeniously the "corallina " boat worked to realize how ridiculous and deliberately misleading such an assertion can be. What's more, today only scuba divers collect coral, the last "corallina" having been laid up four or five years ago. There are also those who talk about the gradual disappearance of coral a ridicolous claim.
la pesca del corallo There's a very great quantity of coral around the Italian coasts and in the Mediterranean; we reckon that at the most we need 0,5 per cent of the coral available. The problem is the question of International agreements and how to organize the systematic research of coral banks while making the best use of modern technologies.
The last research was carried out in 1920. How can it be that the State or the Region don't feel the need to repeat it? Coral collectors are willing to agree to any regulations, in fact they would welcome even more stringent rules against the indiscriminate exploitation of the sea; but obviously they haven't sufficient means to carry out their own research ". However, once collected, coral must be worked; and well, too. Hence the need for a special school, based on the model of the one founded in Torre del Greco towards the end of the last century.