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Basilio Liverino

The Museum


That Museum carved in the rock.
He was sixteen and sixteen liras seemed a lot to him, but that cameo come across rather by chance on the Ponte Vecchio of Florence was simply too fascinating. He ended up by buying it unaware that he was inaugurating sixty years of passionate collection.
una delle sale del museo
One of the room of the museum


An expert eye good taste: many years later he was at Sotheby's in London to buy back a necklace made by himself: a fine carver. Unfortunately, Basilio Liverino adds hastily not for sixteen liras.
Today the collection of corals and cameos numbers over one thousand pieces.
It's the most important in the world and has contributed in no mean manner to the fame and prestige of both the man and the companly, together with the "Coral" now in its third edition and translated into English German and Japanese.
It took Giovanni Sabbato ten years, between 1873 and
1883, to carve this extraordinary shell: it highlights
the greatness of Victorian Great Britain.


In 1986 in order to accomodate it in a worthy manner and open it to scholars and enthusiasts liverino huilt a real and proper museum under the premises. It was carved out of the volcanic rock for a depth of six meters and incorporated all the best available exhibition facilities and preservation measures.