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Basilio Liverino

The Market


Liverino distributes all over the world. The better markets are those of Japan, the United States, Australia and, as regards Europe, Germany, Austria and Spain, followed by France, Switzerland, the former Czechoslovakia and, for cameos, the Scandinavian countries.
A close watch is being kept on market develop ments in Hungary, Rumania and, particularly, Russia which is regaining its ornamental traditions dating to before the October revolution.
"We do the bulk of our work," says Vincenzo Liverino, "with wholesalers and manufacturers to whom we mostly sell standardized shapes and sizes. Both cameos and coral cabochons are calibrated so as to be set almost automatically in standard mounting prepared by our clients. Obviously, to this must he added all the special jobs in coral we do for well known names like Bulgari, Rolex and so on".
The firm turned to the end product about ten years ago following requests by large distribution chains like the American Zale and the German Christ companies, in addition to the natural wishes of innovation expressed by Vincenzo Liverino. A successful step forward was taken from silver mountings to goldware and on to jewelry using platinum and diamonds.
Naturally the protagonist remains red gold: ninety percent of the large quantities worked every month comes from the Mediterranean (Morocco, Algeria, France, Spain and some from Sardinia), ten percent comes from Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Midway).
Asiatic coral - except from Midway is the most expensive: prices ten times higher than Mediterranean coral can be asked for.
Also at a high level now are prices for the valuable Sardonica cameo shell from the Bahamas, much more expensive than cornelian, a variety available in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya.