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Basilio Liverino

The Capital


Napoli The capital of coral.
"We have the rare fortune exclaims Liverino, of being the coral capital of the world".
How could we train new recruits who can become new craftsmen with their own firms?
The old school has been turned into an art institute. An excellent one, no doubt; but it's not the same thing: we need a much more specific and targeted teaching center. I really do hope that the dream of setting up a school here for the working of coral and cameos will become a reality soon maybe even this year". Sure, the times are hardly the best, rather, they are most delicate both locally and nationwide.
donna "This is the worst Crisis I have seen in my life", says Liverino, because it s not just a difficult moment. We are faced with a structural and human deterioration which is gradually drying up the sector.
I sometimes ask myself what chance have young people got today of seeing coral being worked at Torre del Greco in 25 or 30 year's time. I would not like to see the spread of greed make us end up like other former large coral centers from Trapani to Barcellona in Puglia, from Genova to Livorno.
Today people simply think of selling more, without realizing that is could mean finishing sooner. Our companies are inevitably firms, they cannot be run along the managerial lines of industries they cannot be oriented towards an indiscriminate increase in production.
For example, we are not set on multiplying the company, on increasing its size or speeding up its pace, but to consolidate and above all, to improve production.