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Basilio Liverino

The Love


The love for the coral.
Anyone setting himself other obectives is fully entitled to do so but maybe he should ask himself if his personal ambitions are compatible with the product he is dealing with and with the broad interest of the category he belongs to. It's wrong to think only of one's own interests!
Il Corallo Obviously, not everyone will like these words, but they do reveal the great love for coral of a man who claims to have been born and raised on coral - both in a metaphorical and literal sense.
He remembers that when he was small, the workshop spread into their home: the kitchen was cluttered with dishes full of worked coral, baskets with pieces of rough coral were pushed under the beds.
"I cold smell the coral even when I was sleeping" , he recounts.
"When we used to do the polishing, would put the coral to dry in front of my bed and in the morning I was afraid I would tread on it. Then, in the evening, I would listen to grandfather Basilio, an illiterate, dictating business letters to my mother". Basilio, the nephew of th illiterate Basilio, has written a book on coral which has been translated into three languages and printed in three editions. The big stock he dreamed of when they used to put the polished coral at the foot of his bed is full of that Sciacca coral so obsessively mentioned by his grand father during his evening dictation.
And the firm of Basilio Liverino is one hundred years old.